Would we have a private bathroom?

Yes. All members of the association must have private
bathrooms for all their rooms.

Would we be able to bring children? What about pets?

Yes, for a complete listing that includes information on:
· Smoking policies
· Jetted tubs
· Swimming pools
· Kitchenettes
· Credit card acceptance
· Group facilities
· Minimum stay requirements
· Children
· Pets
-please see our Special Amenities page.

Do the B & Bs require a deposit? What are the cancellation policies?

These policies are always in writing and are standard to the industry.
When booking, please check with your B & B for their individual policies.

What is the weather like?

Sedona has four mild seasons. Temperatures generally average 10-15 degrees cooler than Phoenix and 10-15 degrees warmer than Flagstaff. For current weather information and all the statistics you could want, please visit Silverbear's Weather Report

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